Best Prices For Private Live Sex

Whenever you’re purchasing something, you should always go for the best price to quality ratio, it doesn’t matter if the thing in question is food or adult webcams. Digital goods for the most part are hard to place a price tag on within a reasonable range, except when you can, metaphorically speaking, “take a bite”.

That’s the thing with private live sex shows, you can watch some of it, get the feel, see if it’s your thing or not, and then dive in for the full meal. With cam sites, there is even more to be considered, like how easily are you able to browse through models, how many choices do you have? And when everything is taken into consideration, on top of exciting performances from cam models, you’ve got a slam dunk.


LiveJasmin The Most Affordable Cam Site

I would gladly talk all day about the history of LiveJasmin because it’s quite exciting, but I won’t, we live in the now, and that’s what matters the most. See, LiveJasmin is truly one of the top dogs in the industry, and they have a lot to offer to their users. For starters it’s visually pleasing, you just feel like you belong here, it’s sexy, pretty, and quite inviting.

But what this site excels at is their models, they’re breath-taking to the point where you’ll think that at least half of them are fake accounts. In reality, these are all girls that have been, so to say, hand-picked to perform here. Does that mean that they’re full of themselves? Maybe, I mean, wouldn’t we all be?

On the other hand, their confidence doesn’t hinder your experience, I would say that it’s made better. These chicks know what they want, and they will tell you if they’re able to do something or not, so you’re not led to believe that they can do something just to pull you in a affordable private chat. They all have more than enough visitors which enables them to do what they love.

Then there’s the competitive spirit, and that is the reason LiveJasmin is the number one option. It makes these models lower their price so they would emerge victoriously and rise to the very top. We’re talking shows for less than $1 per minute, and there are a bunch of them in different categories. The quality is certainly something that separates LiveJasmin from the crowd, with or without these prices, which makes it an important stop on this side of the internet.


Streamate Cheap Private Cam Show Site

If you’re looking for something more casual, that reeks of “girl next door” content, then Streamate is the champ. And you know how it is with those cute, sexy neighborhood babes, you never know how dirty they really are. The whole site is set up in such a way that you have easy access to these hotties.

Not only that, but you’re able to find some of the strangest kinks performed. Some are even in the “does that really exist?” type of niche, so really, anything comes to mind, you’ll find it here. What I, personally like about Streamate is that it’s so diverse, you’ve got Euro, American, Latina, African, Asian girls, from different countries, and I’m all here for it.

The whole feel of Streamate is somewhat different than LiveJasmin, it’s a beast for itself, but it’s a bit more amateur friendly. A lot of the cheap cam girls seem like they’re just doing this for fun, and to find someone who is a pervert like they are. Which honestly makes the shows so relaxed, unless, of course, you’re roleplaying as her submissive, or a slave.

The prices are also around $1 per minute, and a bit more on average, but, there are also some other ways. The GOLD shows can make the go way below $1 per minute. The only difference is, you’re not watching the private live sex show alone, but with a few other guys. In all honesty, it’s fun as hell, and it’s studded with quality entertainment wherever you look. Just try to find a girl that has a rating lower than 4.5/5 stars, it’s pretty much impossible.


I wouldn’t exactly say that these sites are comparable because they have crucial differences that make them polar opposites. At the same time, they’re both good, and at the same time have the best prices you will find on affordable cam sites. Which is not to say that they don’t have some high-end performers, they absolutely do, but it’s not all about glamour with them which couldn’t be said for a lot of other adult live sites that we have review on MyCheapSexCams in the past weeks.

Finally, the very reason why these sites are chosen, is that they can both be a good stepping stone, like an introduction into the world of private cam sex, and the endgame, thanks to their ability to produce high-end shows. You won’t have to visit any other site at all, this is all you will ever need, trust me.